Lisbon is a woman

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Lisbon is not just a city with buildings, roads and facilities. It’s a city with character.

Just try to get a walk in the city center and you will get lost. Not only literally. Either lying under the sun in one of the parks near the river Tejo or watching the view of the city from Castelo de São Jorge, you soon realize your thoughts are blown away and you just can’t help it.

Loneliness in Lisbon is a choice. The world meets at Bairro Alto, a traditional neighborhood full of wonderful old buildings with old people that during the nights turns into the most famous and live area of the city. You can hear the loud voices and laughs as you approach the place and when you arrive you see people from all around the world sitting on the pavements outside of cozy bars, drinking and laughing loudly. It only takes a beer and a smile to meet someone and spend the whole night telling stories. If you ever get tired of this, you just need to walk for ten minutes and rest your eyes and mind in a miradouro*.

I found myself several times wondering around in the city, trying to put myself together. I never made it. I used to walk from Alcantara near the river, towards Baixa which I left behind quickly to enter the narrow streets and slippery pavements of the magic area of Alfama and to end in a miradouro in Graça watching the sunset. Sunsets in this city have something in particular. The warm colors of the sun turn the whole city into a reddish palette and you feel a part of it. I always felt more than welcome in these places, though the city never gave me the answers I needed. But it always convinced me to be patient. It always calmed me enough to realize that answers is not what I should be seeking. Sometimes questions are enough to make a decision.

* The Miradouros are typical esplanades that one can find all arround Portugal, usually offering great views to cities, beautiful landscapes, or to the sea.


8 responses to “Lisbon is a woman

  1. Loneliness in Lisbon is a choice…enough said this sentence betrayed all my emotions…Lisbon will never become a memory Lisbon can only be life…All the meanings, all forevers can be found there and lost again but u will not care…Lisbon can make a traveller feel like home, Lisbon can make a drifter fall in love!!!

    enough said, too many questions but yes sometimes the questions are enough to make a decision!!!

    Loved it!

  2. I really love Lisbon..I have been there couple of times,and the weird point is that the most of them were without having been planned..I was thinking that it’s kind a magnet..But you made me think of it from another point of view that i love it even more!

  3. I’m glad you like Lisbon and great photographs! 🙂 I was there for a week a few days ago and managed to take some good shots that I’m still taking a look at lol There’s too many things to see and places to visit in Lisbon 🙂

  4. Cheers for stopping by Diogo! It’s true, I am and I will always be in love with this city! Hope to see the new photos at your blog soon!

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