Macnas Theatre Parade: When fantasy wins a storm out


It was a wet, stormy Sunday. Black doomy sky and heavy rain were taking turns with sunny intervals, but the clouds never stopped passing above the city of Galway. It would be the perfect weather for a cozy Sunday evening, but the city had planned otherwise. One of the most famous events was set for that Sunday afternoon: the Macnas theatre parade known as “On the night journey”.

Macnas was founded in 1986 in Galway, and since then has been inspiring with its unique performances internationally. The group is widely known for their creativity, performing not only outdoors but also indoors, transforming abandoned warehouses and garages into fascinating shows full of energy and imagination. The Macnas Parade has been a flagship event for the city of Galway, usually taking place during the Galway Arts Festival. Unfortunately, this year funding problems did not allow for its integration to the festival.

Despite that, the parade brought thousands of people to the streets some months later, after a great effort of fund-raising and under announcements by the city council about further cuts in arts funding. The grey shadow of such news did not manage to cover the event and the response to the misery of the crisis was crystal clear: smoke, fire, fantasy. Mythical creatures, wicked witches, wise wizards and nostalgic music filled the air. A magic atmosphere that made even the hardest adult hearts to forget the world they live in and smile like little kids.

Learn more about Macnas here


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