Editorial: January-February 2014

We're ready for the New Year!

We’re ready for the New Year!

A quick heads-up..

The New Year came with a creativity boost. Messages and exciting emails have been exchanged between our writing team. Among the ideas rushing through our online brainstorming, is a new column for book-lovers, a collection of facts and wisdom from the road, a new way to post our picture galleries and an e-newsletter that will reach your email with a brief idea of what will be going on along with an editorial that will be published every two months. Did we confuse you?

Let’s bring our thoughts together

I spent a morning walk near the beach thinking about what an editorial post should be about. I decided to experiment a bit. It’s true that most people hate the News these days. But one thing I learned through travelling and meeting people is that there are always alternative ways to get informed about what’s going on in the world. I thought that these editorials can be a nice way to share such sources. So I decided to share a couple of links for blogs or initiatives that have a different way to communicate the reality.

Quick link to the world: Let the images speak

When the hurricane hit the Philippines, everyone stayed tuned into the main media sources, in an attempt to keep up with what was going on. Now that things are calming down, the massive media companies don’t have much interest in the case. We are following the blog “A walk with my camera” that captures the attempts of the Philippine people to built their lives again. It’s worth a visit, not only for the information it gives but also for its nice and genuine photos.

Coming back to our blog

The following months are quite exciting for our team. We will try to take you on a trip to the North, in Lithuania and Norway and walk through 2000 years of history in the second largest city of Greece. We will follow one of our great team members to Brazil and try to improve our photography skills in the Island of Faial, Portugal. Lastly, as new members are about to join us, we cannot reject the possibility of unexpected surprises! Stay tuned!


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