Ås (Norway) – Snow, clouds, rain, and finally some sun!

  • Average number of hours of sunlight in January: about 40 hours
  • Average number of hours of sunlight in February: about 76 hours
  • 2014: actual number of hours of sunlight in January + February: 7 hours

Yes, you are reading it correctly, all together seven hours of actual sunrays could reach the surface in these two months. Clouds were covering this entire village and its surroundings, causing you to feel like you were trapped in a huge mafia pub filled with cuban cigar smoke, making it impossible to see or breathe. Luckily we could still see, daylight was coming through but no sun whatsoever.

Snow in Ås

In January snow was covering the entire surface, causing our days to be at least a little less grey. However, this didn’t last very long because in February rain came and washed away every twinkling snow cristal.

Snowflake Ås

Now I understand why Norwegian people –literally– drop whatever they are doing, grab a chair, find an outdoor spot without wind, and sit in the sun with as few clothes as possible covering their body. Last year I thought they were just impossibly vain and lazy, being in the sun all the time waiting to get tanned. But I was wrong! I found myself doing the exact same thing during the last months, not to get tanned, but to take up as much as possible of this irreplacable golden potion full of vitamins and energy! 🙂

Golden sunrays Ås

With the start of March, the thick cloud cover finally seemed to dissolve, so far providing us already a few full days of sun, blue sky, and even moonlight and stars during the night!!

Forest Ås

Forest Ås

Sun Ås

Forest Ås


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