Road Wisdom: Mediterranean Fireworm!

Hermodice carunculata

Fireworm or else Hermodice carunculata, in Crete, Greece.

If you happen to be around the crystal clear Mediterranean waters in the summer , keep an eye for this beautiful creature. It is a very slow and not aggressive worm, but touching it can cause a very irritating burning pain. In the unfortunate event of skin contact with that guy, use tweezers to remove the tiny spines, rinse it with vinegar and be patient, as the symptoms will last for a few hours. Also, look out for signs of allergic or anaphylactic shock (extreme swelling, hives, difficulties breathing) in the case of which you should definitely ask for medical advice!

Note: this text is only informative and is not meant as medical advice, when you’re seriously ill and have the option of consulting a doctor, please do so!


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