A careless panorama from a Greek oasis

Filopappou panorama

Walking around the Acropolis in the midday can cause sunburns, heat exhaustion and an incurable thirst, even in early June. No better place to cool down than the hills of Philopapou and Pnika which not only offer shadow and a mesmerizing peacefulness but also a gorgeous view to city of Athens and the wοnder of the Acropolis.


3 responses to “A careless panorama from a Greek oasis

  1. I’m not a fan of Athens, no matter how many times i’ve visited this city, i just can’t grow to like it. The view from up there is impressive but also quite depressing in my opinion, you just see a sea of gray and concrete. It does have its beautiful spots but it doesn’t do it for me…

    • I felt exactly the same until I got the chance to actually walk around it and take my time with places that I used to take for granted. But you are right, sometimes this city looks like a pile of concrete 😦

      • There are nice places, i’ve been to Athens quite a few times and i walked around almost everywhere…but having been born in a small village surrounded by nature and then lived in Thessaloníki for 7 years, i could never imagine myself living in Athens. I could enjoy being there for 2 weeks but more, no thank you…Especially during summer when it gets extra hot, i feel like suffocating there. In Thessaloniki you have the sea…you can go to the upper part of the town where i feels like a village…There are many open places…I’m just not a city person! I’m sure many people would enjoy Athens more than i do 🙂

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