Floating jetty

IMG_1079 copy

It was a pretty Sunday evening, the colors of the sky were warm and a nice breeze was blowing after another hot summer day. I was waiting for the train at the train station of Chalkida, when I saw this small jetty. I found it hard to imagine its use. It was even harder to approach it and set a tripod, due to a huge pile of-not very stable-rocks, hence the weird ankle of the shot. I bet it used to be a steady construction, made by local fishermen to facilitate docking and unloading their catch. I bet its wooden boards were once shiny and its axis, even if made of cheap metal, was strong like a rock. I bet it was once proud to allow fishermen and workers to walk on its body, support them in every step. Years later, a huge dock was built, made of cement and steal. While constructing it, all the rocks were thrown around the small jetty, piling up and making it suffocate. People gradually stopped using it, stopped taking care of it.

Today, the small jetty only shines when curious photographers approach. She looks at them and reads their mind. If their first thought is how pretty she is, she takes her best pose. If their first thought is what the heck is this crooked jetty used for, she hides behind the rocks and takes the most awkard positions. Hence, the weird ankle of the shot…


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