Photo Reportage: Symphony for the Restless by Macnas

Macnas parade

 Sunday evening, I am leaning on a wall on Shop Street and I’m waiting patiently for a great event that has been a part of Galway’s long tradition in theater and arts: Macna’s theater parade, known this year as “Sumphony for the restless”.  I am trying to find a good spot to capture all the magic of the parade which is proven impossible as I am surrounded by impatient, excited kids who are running around me. I decide that the parade is for them and not for me and I back off. Soon I find my spot but I have to climb on a shop’s window and holding the camera puts my balance and muscles in a hard test. I hear screams and I see smoke in the distance. Lights are slowly approaching. The symphony for the restless has started.

Music, fire, children screaming and laughing. The town is full of smiles and sparkling eyes. I decide to climb down from my luxurious spot and try to get closer. I manage to become part of the parade and follow it until the end. I’m enticed by the mysterious atmosphere, but what actually blows my mind is the actors, dancers, musicians, volunteers and performers who make the parade come true. I’m so fascinated by their dedication and the way they feel the parade, and I decide to focus on them, on their faces and expressions. My inexperience in portrait photography and my refusal to use the flash leads in a series of unexpected mistakes and results in a collection of rather dark and noisy pictures. Nevertheless, this small gallery will always remind me of the only night in my life when I was actually seduced by imaginary creatures, and is dedicated to these magnificent people who made me believe in magic again..

Click on pics for a full screen view


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