Flemish Waffles

© Siel Wellens, 2014

I baked traditional Flemish waffles this week. A typical Sunday afternoon activity when the weather is too crappy to go outside. These waffles are usually made in large batches because they can be preserved for several weeks. They’re typically eaten after cooling down first and without any toppings (although who can resist a fresh one straight from the iron, right? 😉 ). These waffles are not to be confused with other Belgian waffles like the perfect rectangular Brussels waffles with sugar, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, … and the squared Liège Waffles with pieces of caramelized sugar; both typically eaten hot.


6 responses to “Flemish Waffles

    • Yep! definitely best! but there’s always too many waffles to eat in one day! so we end up eating them all week long 🙂

    • My English kitchen terminology is not very well, but I’ll have a go at it since you asked:

      For about 20 big waffles:
      500g self-rising flour
      250g butter
      250g sugar + 30 g vanilla sugar (or a vanilla stick)
      4 eggs
      10cl milk (depending on consistency at the end, you can add a tad more)

      Melt the butter in a big cooking pot (make sure it doesn’t boil), take the pot off the stove when almost melted, add the sugar to the warm butter, mix, add the egg yolks and mix, add the flour and milk, mix. The egg whites should be whipped until they’re a sturdy mousse and gently whisked under the mix. You should have a sort of sticky paste in the end. Use two soup spoons to dose and scrape two balls of paste onto the middle of the hot oiled waffle iron. There’s no need to spread out the paste, but close the iron as soon as the dough is in, try not to open until ready (depending on the iron 1 to x minutes), otherwise they’ll stick and you won’t have the nice waffle shape.

      Bon appétit!

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