Mussels from Brussels

Belgium is definitely not the country you’d go to for wonderful seafood. With a coastline less than 75km (50 miles) long the country’s traditional dishes are mainly meat-based. A nice exception is the national dish ‘mussels and fries’, a dish that supposedly originates from Belgium and from here on out conquered France and some of the more Northern countries. The mussels sold in Belgium are mainly cultivated in the Netherlands, where the dish has yet to gain popularity. Because of the preparation time (washing all the mussels individually and removing barnacles) the dish is not prepared very often in Belgian households and cannot be made in large quantities (typically 1-2kg per person is counted). For this reason the dish is most commonly eaten in restaurants. The mussels are typically cooked with chunks of onion, celery and parsley and served with a mustard based sauce on the side.

© Siel Wellens, 2015




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