Jimma travel guide (SW Ethiopia)

Recently, BINCO (a Belgian non-profit nature study group, http://binco.eu/) published a small travel guide about the Jimma zone in southwestern Ethiopia. I was staying in this area during 3 months, and contributed to this guide. So I can assure you that this guide guides you through an amazing, non-touristic area, where you can not only discover breathtaking nature, but also experience the real life of the local people. This guide is highly recommended for adventurous travelers who prefer not to eat western food in nice hotels and witness the local life from a safe distance. Thanks to this guide you have the chance to walk in pristine forests, stay at local people’s houses, find the best places to enjoy delicious Ethiopian food and, not to forget, discover what real arabica coffee tastes like. This easy-to-read travel guide is made even more attractive with lots of great pictures!

Click here to see the Jimma zone Travel Guide

View just outside of Jimma town center. © Lore Geeraert, 2014


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