Tribute to a wavy life

IMG_3223 copy

I was born in Greece, on a hot summer day. In my land, I learned to be honest, to look people straight in the eyes, and stare high up at the sky,even when the sun is blinding my eyes. Years later, I read in a poem of Nazim Hikmet that life is a journey. And off I was. A slight fear of planes taught me how to appease my mind. Trains taught me to be patient. My backpacks taught me you have to carry your life in your own hands. The statue of the Adamastor taught me to trust my footsteps.The Caribbean breeze taught me to trust people. A few celtic melodies taught me to love rain. Some volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic taught me that a warm, steamy heart worths more than all the money of the world. Clear skies full of stars taught me to dream. The sea taught me to respect. And some angry waves taught me that sometimes answers can be found in places that make your stomach whirl. That sometimes, you shouldn’t be afraid to look out of the hatch of your wavy life.


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