IMG_5727Time and space. They are both dimensions. They are relative. We can squeeze them and extend them. Travellers should be familiar with this concept; it is our speed that allows us to jump around space, cross the planet’s timezones, step on new lands, experience different cultures. But only a few realize that we can also cross time. And it’s not the speed of our body that defines our journey, but the power of our mind.

Not a long time ago, I was moaning for the loss of this power and the inefficiency of my memory. I blamed ageing for all these issues but a good friend gave a deeper explanation, saying that while walking on our path we might lose some pieces of ourselves. We might recover them on the way, we might not, but we might also find other pieces that fit in the puzzle of our life.

A few days later while walking on a beach in south Portugal I came accross a small, faded puzzle piece. I still haven’t figured out if it fits or not, but one thing is for sure: it took a spontaneous decision, hundreds of kilometers slowly and patiently crossed, many unstable footsteps in the sand and a couple of hours staring around in order to step next to this little hidden piece.

Looking at this picture, which might fairly be judged as inappropriate for season wishes, I can only think of one wish. May the new year bring us lack and courage. May the new year bring us slower steps and slower lives. May the new year help us encounter the hidden pieces of our puzzle.


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