Special Full

We were also confused at first by the name ‘special full’ for an ethiopian dish. But we soon stopped asking questions and started eating 😉

This dish is often eaten for breakfast in Ethiopia. A bean sauce is made directly in the low metal bowl it’s served in. On top they add baked egg (which is the reason it’s ‘special’ and not just ‘full’), some kind of dry tomato-egg mixture, red onion and green chili peppers. It is usually served with a nice bread. No spoons or forks for this one, as the bread is meant to be used to dip and grab the food. Eating without cutlery is common practice in Ethiopian food culture.


‘Special full’ for breakfast in Jimma, Ethiopia (c) Siel Wellens, 2016

Ps1. Don’t forget to ask to wash your hands before eating, not doing so is considered unclean

Ps2. Always eat with your right hand. Your left hand can assist ripping bread, but only your right hand should be used to put food in your mouth


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