Lemurs of Mahamavo

Being in the Mahamavo decidious dry forest for 6 weeks was plenty of time to track down as many lemur species possible for the region. Lemurs are primates that can only be found in Madagascar. There are around 100 species of which 9 species that can occur in Mahamavo forest in the northwest of Madagascar. Some species are diurnal (day-active), while others are nocturnal (night-active) or even cathemeral (night and day active). I was fortunate to see 7 out of 9 species during my stay, one of which was in hibernation in a tree hole. Aren’t they cute?

  • Coquerel’s Sifaka (diurnal)
  • Brown Lemur (diurnal)
  • Golden-Brown Mouse Lemur
  • Grey Mouse Lemur
  • Western Avahi
  • Milne Edwards Sportive Lemur
  • Fat-tailed dwarflemur (hibernating during dry season)

Others that might be encountered here but are very rarely seen:

  • Mongoose Lemur
  • Fork-marked Lemur




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