Argentina, part I: Provincia Neuquen


Lisbon, Madrid, Buenos Aires, San Martin de los Andes. Total flight time: fourteen hours, total stopover time: six hours, busride time: eighteen hours. Surprisingly, it did not feel like a lifetime. It rather felt like a blink of the eye and suddenly the bus dropped me at the foot of the longest continental mountain range of the world. San Martin de los andes welcomed me with a low, thick cloud loaded with rain that would be my company for two days. Thick fog had covered Lago Lácar and its spectacular views, while the camera was kept within the bag. But no pleasure is compared to the warm feel of a steamy mug of hot tea under a light morning shower or the sound of raindrops bouncing on the tent’s tissue at night. Everything is water. We are water. Then doesn’t rain bring us closer to everyone we love?

Junin the los Andes, a tiny little town built on the banks of river Chimehuin was the next destination. Clear sky was hunging above the Mapuche land and as soon as I arrived I was warmfully directed to the perfect camping area. Setting a tent five meters from the deep blue water, surrounded by trees, no wonder why the rest of the day-and some good portion of the night were spend right there, back on the ground and eyes to the sky. After all, what else could a dreamer ask for?


Junin de los Andes: My front yard (snail’s view)


Distant silhouettes


River bank by night


Looking for Cruz del Sur

To be continued 🙂


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