Sunday Cycling in Bogotá

Cycling in the Colombian capital, not something most of you’d think is fun or safe. Well, I’m here to inform you otherwise. Many people bike through Bogotá everyday (which is a tad crazy), but every Sunday since 1974, city roads are closed off for cars and transformed into the Ciclovia (bike road) from 7am until 2pm. Since the beginning, the Ciclovia has grown tremendously, so today there’s over 120km allocated for bikers every Sunday. The Ciclovia attracts millions of people walking, running, skating, rollerblading, biking, … doing whatever you can do on a car-free road. Along the road you can find many fruit stands, bike-repair spots and off course some great sights! I suggest you go out there, rent a bike and discover it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed if it’s a sunny day.



Personal note: On Sundays I like to go to the city centre to rent a bike at Bogotravel Tours (30 000 – 40 000COP for 4 hours) and bike along Carrera 7 (one of the main streets on the ciclovia) to the Usaquen market which is about 12km away. Here you are sure to find a nice souvenir to take home;  a colourful leather handbag, a handmade bracelet, some Colombian coffee, … Go drink a Salpicón de Frutas and eat a Crepe con Nutella in the adjacent foodstands. Enjoy the street musicians and vibrant atmosphere. A Sunday morning well spent.




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